söndag, september 10, 2006

Blankets for HIV/AIDS babies in Swaziland

Were you warm last night? UNICEF statistics estimate that over 100,000 children in Swaziland were not. This figure represents the number of children and babies in Swaziland who are orphaned or vulnerable, with 1 or 2 parents having died from HIV/AIDS, or are living with parents infected with the virus. The majority of these families have no household income with whitch to support the children, and with a newspaper recently (June 2005) reporting that a staggering 42% of pregnant women in Swaziland are HIV positive. This is clearly not a situation that is going to improve for a long time to come. Backpacking Swaziland Association, which represents all the backpackers hostels in Swaziland and Big Game Parks are working together to help keep the babies and children of families stricken by HIV/AIDS warm this winter. The aim is to knit/crochet as many as possible and distribute them among those in need, but with so many children to keep warm help is required! A proposal has been prepared tp present to the government who have highlighted 55 communities in Swaziland that would benefit greatly. Local and corporate companies are being challenged to sponsor and to donate wool and cash to the scheme, which will be used to supply local communities and schools with wool and needles, so that they can be involved too. You can contribute by knitting or crocheting a 15cm square of any colour with any wool. A donation of time would be hugely appreciated, but wool and needles are also required. Cash donations to help buy wool and needles are also welcome, and can be made through the Backpacking Swaziland Association – Nedbank A/C no. 0240219348, Branch No. 360164, using “Blankets for Babies” as a reference. For more information contact Swaziland Backpackers on (+268) 518 7225 Send knitted/crocheted squares to: Swaziland Backpackers Ashley´s Farm MR 103 Box 1975 Matsapha Swaziland

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