tisdag, juli 11, 2006

Vi ska få en kattunge / We will have a kitten

Jag har länge tvekat inför en till katt. Helt plötsligt kändes det rätt. En kompis katta fick ungar 6/7 och snabbt bestämde jag mig för att prova med en av kattungarna. Min nuvarande katt får för lite stimulans. Jag har mindre ork att aktivera henne och jag vill inte att hon ska sova bort sitt liv. Att få fostra en kattunge blir bra för henne, tror jag. Namnet till den nya är redan klart, Darkness till vardags Nessie. I have a long time been hesitant about having another cat. All of a sudden it felt right. A cat belonging to a pal of mine got kittens on July 6th and I directly decided to try with one of them. My existing cat gets too little stimulus. My strength is gradually being reduced, so I cannot activate her enough. I do not want her to sleep her life away. Having a little kitten to rear will be good for her, I hope. The kitten´s name is Darkness and Nessie as nick.

3 kommentarer:

Claudia sa...

They are so adorable! When my last beloved cat died, I had decided I would never get another one. My heart had been broken too much. But someone's cat had kittens and one was gifted to me, and now she's three years old and I love her so dearly! I hope you'll show these darlings growing up!

Virginia sa...

Hugs Nessie... you have come to a lovely home and you are a very lucky little kitten. Ask Mummy to keep sending photos of yourself and her as you grow up.

Virginia and my seven cats in Australia

StickLena sa...

It will take some weeks before Nessie comes home, so I will post the photos I get from where he/she is now.