söndag, december 26, 2010

Knitting Iceland OnLine

Excerpts from the site Iceland has a rich knitting tradition and today knitting is still an intrinsic part of the Icelandic culture. When it comes to knitting, it doesn´t matter whom you speak to, he or she will always have something interesting to tell you about knitting. Chances are that the person is a knitter him- or herself since knitting is intensely popular among the general public. Our partners: The Handknitting Association of Iceland was founded in November 1977. A few women, who had used knitting to supplement their families´ income, decided to join forces and established an organization in order to facilitate more extensive marketing of their knitted products. The initial members´ meeting was held in Reykjavík and was attended by close to 1.000. Soon after the Association was established, a store was opened to sell members´ hand knitted woolen goods. The store is a flourishing business in its own right and offers the largest selection of Icelandic yarns from Ístex. Thus, our online store is always well provided !

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