måndag, januari 01, 2007

Gott Nytt År! Happy New Year!

English will follow. Mitt livs första nyårslöfte: 2007 ska jag inte anmäla mig till någon KAL. Jag har för instabil hälsa för att hänga med övriga deltagare. I have never before promised anything for the coming year, but here it comes. In 2007 I shall not join any KALs. My bad health is too unpredictable and I cannot keep the others pace.

4 kommentarer:

Strumpstickan sa...

Låter som ett vettigt löfte. Mitt löfte i år är att inte lova någonting och bara ta en dag åt gången.

Kram & Gott Nytt År!

Breien in Lansingerland sa...

Hi Lena,

Happy new Year to you! I hope your health will be better, my friend! Göteborg is beautiful, I was fortunate to visit Göteborg twice - once in the '80s and once in 1992, the second time was with my husband and then two-year-old daughter. We made a husbil-trip around Vänern, with Göteborg as start and ending point. I would love to go back, but that is not going to happen this year (baby due in March ;-))

Love, Bianca

CorneliasCorner sa...

God fortsättning på det nya året önskar jag dig och katterna!


Jennie sa...

That sounds wise. The only thing I've joined recently is the UFO challenge, and that has been really good for me. I hope your health improves.